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What to expect


 The prices you see on the different heads are for a fully assembled club unless otherwise stated for I do sell component heads

Titanium & Fairways wood prices include standard graphite shaft and standard grip.  Irons, Hybrids & Wedges include standard steel shaft and grip.

 I do have a good selection of shafts and grips for you to upgrade you club along with some cheaper shafts and grips which will lower the price. 

                                                         Why Copies over the Originals

(1) Clones or Knockoffs clubs are about 60% - 75% of the price of the OEM in most cases

(2) You get to pick the shaft and grip you want on your club

(3) Clubs are made to your specs (length, shaft, grip) usually at no extra charge. If you buy and want to change an off the rack set it could be a substantial extra cost to you

(4) The Copy Heads are made of the same materials (Titanium & Stainless Steel) as the real heads

(5) The real sets can cost around $1,800 or even higher, a set of Woods & Irons at Jake's will run you around $400 with a Titanium Driver

(6) Buy a new Ti Driver for $400, when next years New Model comes out you will get $150.00 for that 1 year old Driver on a trade if your lucky